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My Kingdom Game Review on FacebookMy Kingdom is a Facebook game with a medieval theme that involves virtual farming, time management and city building. Players can explore, construct and work with other players online to produce goods, build homes and expand the kingdom. As the king, you must manage your people to work on building your realm and develop it into a powerful kingdom.

This is cute medieval themed time management city building game is free to play online on Facebook and as a social game allows for you to collaborate with other players to help grow your empire.

My Kingdom Game Review

Facebook Game Summary

My Kingdom has been available on Facebook for the Chinese language version for some time now, and this has been very popular with an average of 700,000 daily active users. Now, this cute medieval city building game is available on the English language version and already this version has currently 225,483 monthly active users and they have rated it a very good 4.4 out 5. There are many virtual world Facebook games that involve building towns and cities, managing people and resources, virtual farming to provide food for your workers and selling excess produce at market. And My Kingdom does all these aspects very well. But this game also has an additional gaming element in the form of Quests that really help you to enhance and grow your kingdom.

My Kingdom Medieval Facebook Game Screenshot* Release Date: English Version – 1st Dec. 2010.
* Platform(s): Facebook.
* Genre(s): Strategy, Time Management, City Building, Virtual Farming, Simulation.
* By: Happy Elements.

How to Play My Kingdom

The aim of My Kingdom is build a great kingdom through growing and managing your population, money, buildings, and food supplies and also by completing quests.

To begin with you must grow the population, build homes and provide the workers with food so that they can build further houses – and all of these are dependant on each other: Your workers need food and somewhere to live so you need to start farms and building; but you need workers to build homes and farm the land. You also need to build homes on which you can raise taxes and farms from which you can grow produce to sell at market; both of which you use to make money to pay for more resources to build more homes etc. And so using strategy and time management, you are challenged to ensure this cycle keeps going round, to make sure your kingdom keeps growing and expanding. You should also keep in mind that each aspect takes time to come to fruition, so you have to think about how long things will take and plan ahead so that you have the supplies you need at the right time. This is not a fast-paced game but instead unfolds at a relaxed pace.

My Kingdom Review

You will find like all time management games that the citizens of your kingdom are busy working even when you are not playing the game. However, in My Kingdom, you are encouraged not leave your kingdom unattended for too long, as a number of problems could crop up in your absence. For example, maintenance issues could halt building, and this then would have a knock-on effect on food production, tax revenues and your population.

Other elements of this game include:
* Businesses such as bread makers, butchers and market stalls. Use business to accrue more income.
* Quests varying in size and reward.
* Decorations to be used to embellish a variety of buildings from simple dwellings to castles.

My Kingdom is a good city building simulation game, with a medieval feel, a social element of playing with other Facebook users and a strategy, time management game that allows you to play at a relaxing pace.

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