Secrets of the Dark 3

Secrets of the Dark 3 - New Game App for Kindle FireSecrets of the Dark 3, Mystery of the Ancestral Estate.
A new Collector’s Edition (CE) hidden object game app.
Released for Kindle Fire.
From Orneon and Big Fish.
Also available for PC, Mac and iPad.

For the full series list so far. See the post included below. With details of the Secrets of the Dark game list. In order of release. On PC, Mac and mobile.
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Sorcery! Game Series List

Sorcery! Game Series ListThis Sorcery! game series list.
Details all the game titles from inkle.
For iPad, iPhone and Kindle.
Including this week’s release of the final part.
In this story-driven adventure series.
I’ve also included Sorcery! game bundles available on iTunes.
And for more top new interactive text-based games for mobiles.
See also the list of posts included below.
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Dark Parables 12

Dark Parables 12 The Thief and the Tinderbox CEDark Parables 12, The Thief and the Tinderbox.
Is the latest Collector’s Edition (CE) release.
In the fairy-tale detective hidden object series.
From Eipix Entertainment.
Available to download and play on PC and Mac.

For the full series list so far. See the post included below. With details of the Dark Parables game list, in order. On PC, Mac and mobile.
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Primordia iOS Game

Primordia iOS GameNew out yesterday is the Primordia iOS game.
From Wadjet Eye Games.
A sci-fi point-and-click adventure game.
Originally released on PC.
And now available to play on iPad and iPhone.

See the post included below.
For more top point-and-click adventure games by Wadjet Eye.
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New iOS Adventure – Paul Pixel

New iOS Adventure - Sept 2016 - Paul Pixel The AwakeningPaul Pixel: The Awakening.
A new point-and-click adventure game for mobiles.
With retro pixel-style design.
And classic point-and-click game play.
Available on iOS.
For iPad and iPhone.

See also below, for more top point-and-click mobile games.
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Sable Maze 6: Sinister Knowledge CE

Sable Maze Game Series Order - 6. Sinister KnowledgeSable Maze 6: Sinister Knowledge Collector’s Edition (CE).
Daily Magic Productions’ next chapter.
In their popular hidden object series.

Now available for PC and Mac download.
With free demos.
For the full Sable Maze list so far, see my post included below.
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LUMINES – New iOS Puzzle Game

Is an iOS version of the popular PSP game.

Newly released September 1, 2016.
Available for iPad and iPhone.

For more top-rated new iOS puzzle game apps.
On iPad and iPhone, see also the list included below.
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Delicious Games Series List

Delicious Games in Order for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and KindleThis list includes all of the Delicious games in order of release.
Including the latest release of Delicious 13 on computer and mobile!

Follow Emily, a waitress who dreams of owning and running her own restaurant business. Through her many business ventures and adventures. As she makes her dream a reality!

With games to download on computer, for PC and Mac.
And on mobiles for iPad, iPhone and Kindle.
I’ve also included details of special editions in this Delicious list!
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Gardenscapes – New Acres

Gardenscapes - New Acres by PlayrixNew match 3 game app, Gardenscapes – New Acres.
Released last month by Playrix.
Is available to play on iOS.
For iPad and iPhone.
And on Android including Kindle.

For details of previous Gardenscapes games. See the posts included below.
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Nancy Drew Games #11 to #19

Nancy Drew Games Amazon Download - #18This Nancy Drew games Amazon and Big Fish list.
Includes details of the PC full version downloads.
For Nancy Drew games #11 to #19.
And also the first Nancy Drew dossier HO game.

For the first part of this series list (#1 to #10).
Including details of updates for parts #1 and #2.
See my post included below.
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