Echoes of the Past Game Series List

Echoes of the Past Game Series List OrderThis Echoes of the Past game series list.
Includes all the HO games.
Listed in order of PC release.
Developed by Orneon, published by Big Fish.

I’ve included links for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.
Some with free demos on these download versions.
Plus I’ve included any Amazon PC bundles, where available.

This series has been, the latest, most requested list for me to do. If you would like me to do a list post for your favorite HO series. Fill in the request form here. And I’ll do a list, like the one below, for the series’ with the most requests!
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Top New HO Games – August 2016

Best New Hidden Object Games for Mac & PC - Aug 2016A roundup of the best new hidden object games for Mac & PC.
From this month’s new releases.
With 5 top Collector’s Editions.
All available to try out for free!

As 4 of these are new installments in popular HO game series. I’ve included links to any related posts. For more detail of the series so far. Including how to play them on tablet or phone. As well as for computer.
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New Hidden Object Games for Kindle

Hidden Object Games for Kindle - August 2016 RoundupA quick roundup of the new hidden object games for Kindle.
All released this month on Amazon’s app store.
Including a new Underground App from Artifex Mundi.
Which means you can get this top HO game app in full for free.

I’ve also included 4 more new Kindle games.
Available from Amazon’s Kindle app store.
All involving hidden object and puzzle game play.

These HOPA games are also available on other platforms. See the links included below for more details.
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New Hidden Object Games for iPad

New Hidden Object Games for iPad - August 2016 ListA roundup of the latest hidden object games for iPad.
Including yesterday’s release of Dark Tales 8.
Released for iPad and iPhone.
Plus 4 more cool iPad HO games.
(Including another new iPhone HO game.)

And for the complete list of the Dark Tales game series, see the link included below.
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Adelantado Trilogy Series List

Adelantado Trilogy List - for PC iPad KindleRealore’s Adelantado Trilogy list.
With all the games in this time management series.
For computer on PC and Mac.
And for mobiles on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle.
Including free demos. And a 3-in-1 bundle for iPad.

See also my list included at the bottom of this post. For another top Realore series.
Plus other building and management games. For PC and mobile.
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Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object

New Hidden Object Kids Game - Zootopia Crime FilesZootopia Crime Files, a new hidden object detective game for kids.
Based on Disney’s Zootopia (a.k.a Zootropolis) movie.

Available on iOS for iPad and iPhone.
And on Android including Kindle Fire.
With bonuses available in the Kindle Fire edition.
See below for details.
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Mystery Tales Game Series List

Mystery Tales Series List OrderThe complete Mystery Tales game series list.
In order of release date.
Including the new release of Mystery Tales 4 for iPad.
Developed by Domini Games.
With games for PC, Mac and iPad download.
Plus one for iPhone.
This list also includes links to free demos.
Plus walk-through guides for the standard versions.
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Slingo Apps List for Mobiles

Slingo Apps List - Slingo AdventureThis Slingo apps list includes 5 variations.
Of the popular Slingo game.
Which combines Bingo and Slots game play.
Including apps for iOS on iPad and iPhone.
And for Android including Kindle Fire.

For offline Bingo and Slingo games for computer. Including a cool 7 Slingo bundle! Check out my list at the bottom of this post.
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Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece CE

Subliminal Realms The Masterpiece CE New Big Fish iPad GameSubliminal Realms: The Masterpiece Collector’s Edition (CE).
A top new Big Fish iPad hidden object game.
Developed by Boolat Games.
This colorful and unusual artistic adventure.
Includes hidden objects, puzzles and mini games.

Also available, with free demo for PC and Mac.
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Dana Knightstone Game Series

Death at Cape Porto - A Dana Knightstone GameBy popular request!* This Dana Knightstone game list.
Includes all the mystery games in the series by Boomzap.
With games for computer on PC and Mac.
And for mobile on iPad and iPhone.

For more top Boomzap hidden object games.
Check out my list of posts included below.
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