Top New iOS Action Games May 2017

Top New iOS Action Games May 20172 top picks from the new iOS action games.
Released on the iTunes Appstore, May 2017.
Both available for iPad and iPhone.
One a paid game.
The other a free (freemium) app.

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Beauty and the Beast Match 3 Game

Beauty and the Beast Match 3 GameBeauty and the Beast match 3 game, Perfect Match.
A new freemium Disney game.
Developed by Hibernum.
For iPad and iPhone.
Based on the most recent Beauty and the Beast movie.
With match 3 puzzle game play.

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Darkness and Flame 2: Missing Memories

Darkness and Flame 2 ReviewReview of the new Darkness and Flame 2.
Missing Memories Collector’s Edition.
A fantasy post-apocalyptic hidden object adventure.
From Five-BN.
Available for PC and Mac.

This is the second installment in this series. Also below, a link to my review of the first chapter.
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Dead Reckoning Snowbird’s Creek

Dead Reckoning Snowbird’s CreekDead Reckoning Snowbird’s Creek.
A detective game.
With hidden object adventure game play.
From Eipix and BigFish.
New on iTunes Appstore.
For iPad and iPhone.
Already available on PC and Mac.
This is the 5th chapter in the series. Checkout my post included below, for the full Dead Reckoning games list so far.
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New Story-Driven Adventures for iOS

New Story-Driven iPhone Games April 2017 The Bunker2 top new story-driven iPhone games.
Both involving an intriguing story set-up.
And interactive visual narrative game play.
But completely different in tone!
Also on iTunes for iPad.

For more top narrative-driven iOS games.
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Campfire Legends Games

Campfire Legends Game Series 3. The Last ActThis Campfire Legends game series list.
Includes all the games in this scary HOPA series!
From GameHouse Studios.
Listed in order of release.
Available for PC download.

Check out my latest review, for a new scary campfire HO game! And if you would like me to do a list of your fave game series. Especially hidden object, match 3 and management games. You can send me a request, see below for details.
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Bonfire Stories 1 CE Review

Bonfire Stories 1 The Faceless Gravedigger CE ReviewReview of Bonfire Stories 1.
The Faceless Gravedigger.
First in a new scary hidden object series.
From top devs, Mariaglorum. Darker in tone. Compared to their previous HOPA games.
For details of their other hidden object games. See my posts, included below.
And for more scary HO games, don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post.
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Alicia Quatermain Review

Alicia Quatermain Review Management Game for PC MacReview of Alicia Quatermain.
Secrets Of The Lost Treasures Collector’s Edition.
A top new time management adventure game.
From Jet Dogs Studios.
Available to download for PC and Mac.

Check out my list, included below. For some more top new management games for PC and Mac.
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Top Free iOS Puzzles Apr/May 2017

Best Free Puzzle Games 2017 - Faraway for iPad and iPhone2 top picks for the best free puzzle games.
New out on iTunes.
For iPad and iPhone.
From recent releases.

For more top puzzle games for iOS.
Check out my best of 2017 so far, included below.
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